About eSlovensko

An idea to focus on development of innovations and new technologies came up with the PC entry in 1984. First projects were dedicated to robotechnologies and software products. In 1991 the innovation center with a solid base and a focus on information technologies was established in Bratislava, Lučenec and Košice. In 2002, after a couple of successful projects, the civic association eSlovensko was founded. The eSlovensko is currently working on implementation of several national projects in the field of eSafety, eGovernment, eInclusion and eTurism.

The association employs 10 people on a full time basis, around 100 fellow workers on part time basis and also volunteers. Its closest Slovak partners are following: the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic (SR), the Ministry of Culture of the SR, the Ministry of Education of the SR, the Governmental Committee for Crime Prevention, the Audiovisual Fund of the SR, the Social Implementation Agency, the Slovak Committee for UNICEF, The Union of Towns and Cities of Slovakia (UMS), the Research Institute for Child Psychology and Pathopsychology, the Slovak Blind and Partially Sighted Union, INFOSTAT, T-Mobile Slovakia. SK – NIC Slovakia, Telefónica O2 Slovakia, ESET, Microsoft, SANET, SZM.sk and others.

Our Services

  • complex consultant services and professional advice when drafting a proposal, negotiations and implementation of different types of projects financed by the EU, EEC countries and national schemes of the SR (primarily The Seventh Framework Programme, Safer Internet plus, Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme, Long Life Learning, European Regional Development Fund, European Social Fund, Cohesion Fund)
  • project coordination, administrative and project management, partnership cooperation, dissemination activities
  • guidance in selecting a suitable Community Programme and the Call for Proposal, contract and financial consultancy, drafting of the project proposal according to the client requirements, intermediation of consultancies with experts and the EC
  • search of core and/or associated partners for the specialist tasks, dissemination, exploitation and validation

Our Activities


In 2007 eSlovensko gained a two-year support from the Community Programme EU Safer Internet Plus and launched together with its partners – the Ministry of Interior of the SR and UNICEF several projects in this area. Nowadays there is implemented a two-year follow-up of this project and eSlovensko was successful in the evaluation of its proposal for the period 2010 – 2011 in the same programme too. The project Zodpovedne.sk is the national winner of the European Award for crime-control 2009 and the European Crime Prevention Network.

The main activity of the project is the eponymous national awareness raising centre Zodpovedne.sk, which main tasks are to raise awareness and to spread information about a safe use of the internet, mobile communications and new technologies, and to perform a crime-control. Another part of the project is an operation of the free-of-charge helpline Pomoc.sk (hotlines 116 111, potrebujem@pomoc.sk) and a participation in the international networks, best practice exchange with other national centers and the Safer IT organizations. Third important part of the project is the national center for reporting of an illegal content on the internet Stopline.sk. This hotline fights against child abuse (child pornography, child exploitation, grooming etc.), racism and xenophobia and other content and criminal activities on the internet.

Another part of these activities is the subproject OVCE.sk. The animated stories and an internet portal are aimed at spreading the awareness about risks of the internet, mobile phones and new technologies. It is meant to give a first idea about these issues to children, to set a mirror of the youth’s inappropriate behavior on the internet and, at the same time, it should teach and amuse the adults. OVCE.sk is a new Slovak animated story building upon the traditional animated work for children and teenagers. First four parts were introduced on the 8th October 2009. In parallel with the stories there was set up an internet portal with a plenty of instructive and amusing materials.

There are produced new 6 parts this year and another 6 ones will be introduced and in 2011. These animated stories were supported by the Audiovisual Fund of the SR too. The stories were awarded by the International Jury of the 36-th Film Festival EKOTOPFILM and presently its dissemination to 10 European countries is being carried out. The series was recently awarded the Rainbow Marble for a responsibility at the International Competition of Advertising, a part of the International Film Festival for Children and Youth in Zlín, Czech Republic. It was also nominated into the official selection of the International Animation Film Festival Annecy 2010, France.

In 2010 eSlovensko gained support for a 1.5 year project 'Children Protecting Personal Data and Privacy' from the Community Programme EU Fundamental Rights and Citizenship as the main coordinator together with the Austrian Institute for Applied Telecommunications and the University of Ljubljana.

New Project Bezpečná škola (Safe School) is in its probation period. This project was supported by the Slovak Government Committee for the Crime Prevention.


Blindfriendly.sk was the first project in the Slovakia, which arose from the initiative of eSlovensko and the Slovak Blind and Partially Sighted Union with the significant support of the Ministry of Transport, Posts and Telecommunication of the SR and the Czech Blind United. The project has set up standards for barrier free access, which became a basis for the later national legislation adoption in this area. In 2005 the project gained the ‘Slovensko bez bariér’ (Slovakia without Barriers) Award. The eSlovensko is preparing future projects focused on IT use for Roma minority, emigrants and immigrants too.


The largest project in this area is the Training of the Informatics in Slovakia, which is being implemented since 2009. The project is financed by the European Social Fund through the Social Implementation Agency and its aim is to carry out 720 trainings for almost 40 municipalities.

The oldest project is Mesto.sk (it means town), which has started in October 1998 as the initiative of Lučenec inhabitants who wanted to promote theirs city via the internet. In 2001, in cooperation with the SZM.sk portal, it broaden to all 138 cities, and thus Slovakia became No. 1 in the EU with the 100 percent coverage of its municipalities with the new eGovernment internet services.

The project Mesto.sk has become a central support for informatisation in Slovakia. With this aim a non-governmental organization eSlovensko arose in 2002 and broadened its activities to all levels of the local govermnent. In 2003 the civic association eSlovensko concluded a contract on the co-operation with The Union of Towns and Cities of Slovakia (UMS) to jointly support a development of the informatsation in Slovakia.

The project ZlatyErb.sk arose in 2003 as a mirror project of its Czech model. The competition is annually announced by the UMS and eSlovensko under the auspices of the Chairman of the National Council of the SR, Prime Minister, Minister of Economy SR , Minister of Transportation, Post and Telecommunication and the Slovak Commissioner to the EC. The competition is organized in co-operation with the information portal for municipalities Mesto.sk and the international conference ITAPA. Website of the winner municipality gains a nomination for the international contest Eurocrest. The main aim of ZlatyErb.sk is to support informatisation of the Slovak municipalities and to award unique projects, support an exchange of information and best practice and to appreciate the effort of municipalities to an effective use of information and communication technologies, and thus increase quality of the local government services. This project was in 2007 awarded for the long term ICT development by the Czech Senate. Competition ZlatyErb.sk thus became one of the significant projects in the ICT area in Europe.

Project Data Centre of Towns and Cities was launched in November 2007 by eSlovensko together with The Union of Towns and Cities of Slovakia and other partners as a testing version. Project is implemented with a financial support of the EU, budget of the municipalities and non-profit organizations. The main aim of the project is to provide standard electronical services in selected municipalities: cities of Banská Bystrica, Bardejov, Bytča, Hlohovec, Kežmarok, Komárno, Košice, Kremnica, Martin, Nitra, Prešov, Rožňava, Trenčín, Trnava, Zvolen and commune of Cigeľ.

The Association of Informatics of the Slovak Municipalities (ZISS) was set up in 2006 in Nitra. The aim of the committee is to unite all IT specialists in communes, cities and municipalities, and thus create a place for communication, meetings and professional growth of this profession. Currently the project unites 220 members from Slovakia. Another part of the project is The Best IT specialist of municipality in Slovakia, which took place first time in 2008.


The multimedia library KamVyrazit.sk was set up in 2000 as part of the project Mesto.sk. The aim of the project is to create a central public database with video, audio, text based and electronically content and thus create a base for the tourist advertising. The project is aimed at dissemination of information of cultural, social, sport and national events in Slovakia. The main communication channel is the internet, which is most suitable for a collection and a further distribution of an information. The aim of the project was a standardization of the electronic content so that it can be exploited also by other public information portals, public institutions, private sector and third sector as well as abroad.

The ultimate contribution of the project KamVyrazit.sk is its regional effect – interconnection of the municipalities - and its availability all over the country. The project gained in Slovakia several awards and certificates of merit.